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Seattle Blockchain Schedule

June 29th 2019
Global Innovation Exchange
12280 NE District Way, Bellevue, WA 98005

9:00am – Doors Open

9:50am-10:00 – Opening Welcome Talks @ Buidl stage
by Justin Wu (Coinstate) & Zach Nelson (UW Blockchain Society)

June 29th – Full Day Conference

Doors Open & Registrations



Hackathon + Expo Hosted by UW Blockchain

Networking Mixer
Join us for light snacks & drinks.
‘Buidl’ stage will turn into open commons area.

“Buidl” Stage Schedule: (Technical)

10:00-10:20 | VPNs can preserve the open internet, yet not all are created equal.
Speaker: Tegan Kline, Orchid Labs


10:20-11:20| Digital Identity, the trillion dollar opportunity.
Moderator: Vaughan Emery (DataFi Labs)
Panelist: Chris Spanton (T-Mobile), Drummond Reed (Evernym), Tony Little, ND  (Optum 360)


11:20-11:45 | Keynote: Jeff Garzik, Co-Founder


11:45-12 | Resilient Wallets
Speaker: Munair Simpson, IoTrust


12-1pm LUNCH BREAK — Food Trucks + Coffee + Networking

1:00-1:35 | Future Consensus: Proof of Stake & Staking Rewards. Is it the future? Pros & Cons. 
Moderator: Steve Floyd, Fractal

Panelists: Amer Justice (Tezos Commons), Mira (Ztake), Danny Wolf (Orbs)


1:35-1:55 |  Storm making the world a better place one penny at a time.

Speaker: Simon Yu, Storm Token


1:55-2:10 | How to market to a crypto community: An EMURGO/Cardano Case Study
Speaker Keisha DePaz, Emurgo/Cardano


2:10-2:30 | Multichain dApps and the Internet of Blockchains
Speaker: Steve Floyd, Fractal


2:30-3:10 |  Own your own assets! DeFi — Decentralized Finance, Exchange & Trading
Moderator: Jonathan G Blanco, TF Agency
Panel: Chase Thompson (Shapeshift), David Zhang (Stably), Jacob Shiach, Tamara Rogers (Pithia), Lawrence Lerner (Pithia)


3:10-3:50 | Fair Ordering in an Unfair World | Hedera Hashgraph
Speaker: Cooper Kunz, Hedera Hashgraph


3:50-4:30 | What’s new with Enterprise Blockchain? Public & Private chains. Use cases.
Moderator: Jan Young, Rabbit Hole Network
Panelists: Kurt Wedgwood (IBM), Danny Wolf (Orbs), Joe Roets (Dragonchain), Cooper Kunz (Hashgraph)



Industry Stage (Non-Technical/Professional)

10:00-10:20 | Blockchain 101 Resources

Speaker: Seth Goldfarb, Evernym & PNW Blockchain

10:20-11:00 | Building Your First Ethereum dApp.

Speaker: Brenden Lee & Sam Desmond,


11:00-11:15 | Music, Entertainment, Royalties. An Industry ready for disruption.
Speaker: Steve Stewart, Vezt

11:15-12:10 | Revolutionizing Healthcare with Blockchain
Moderator: Rich Bloch, & Hyperledger Healthcare
Panelist: Davis Aites (Change Healthcare), Brian Anderson (Lumedic), David Hazel (HealthFlow),
Anderson Nascimento, Ph.D (University of Washington/ University of Brasilia),
Suzanne Scharlock (Decent), Karen Stone, MD (Evergreen Healthcare)

12-1pm LUNCH BREAK — Food Trucks + Coffee + Networking


1:00-1:25 | Making an impact: Commerce, Supply Chain & Social Good

Panelists: Jonathan G Blanco (TF Agency), Eric Weaver (Transparent Path), (Nori)


1:25-2:00 | Crypto Trading
Moderator: Brent Lyman (Coinme)

Speakers: Ryan Castillo (Trader) , Eric Thies (Trader), Matt Heater (Strix Leviathan)


2:00-2:25 | Accelerating Blockchain Adoption: Don’t be afraid of enterprises and their scale

Speakers: Frank Martinez (BlockXStudios) & Chris Purifoy (Learning Economy)


2:25- 2:50 | Smart contract security
Speaker: Tom Lindeman, ConsenSys Diligence / MythX


2:50-3:25 |  Marketing & Design Thinking for Mass Adoption
Panelists: Keisha DePaz (Emurgo/Cardano), Anisa Khoshbakhtian (Rabbit Hole Network),  Phil Gomes (
Bloq), Austin Davis (Fuzion Capital)


3:25-55 | Caesars Entertainment Journey to Blockchain – Loyalty Rewards
Speaking: Rizwan Patel, Caesars Entertainment


4:-4:30 | Blockchain Gaming & esports will lead the road to mass adoption.
Moderator: Andrew Wagner (
Panelists: Douglas Horn (Goodblock), Volition TCG. James Mayo (8 Circuit Studios), Chris (Hoard Exchange)