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June 29th

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Building a blockchain hub in the NW

Home to Amazon, Microsoft, Bittrex and now over twenty blockchain startups, Seattle has fostered technological innovation and entrepreneurship for decades. We are organizing our annual event to be held in the tech capital of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle. This is an accessible & inclusive event for blockchain beginners to advanced level topics. We invite you to join us!


Builders & Professionals


Workshops & Talks


Day Summit

What is Seattle Devcon?

Our Focus

We invite developers, designers, thinkers, and builders to join our growing ecosystem in the Northwest! Seattle houses some of the greatest talent & workforce around the world and we invite you to help turn this ecosystem into an amazing Blockchain hub for the decentralized future!


Accessible & Inclusive: To provide open access & education to all without high priced barriers to entry and overpriced conferences. From Students, developers, Enterprise, Government Officials and beyond. We welcome all.

Blockchain Agnostic: This is a blockchain & protocol open event. Learn from many protocols.  

Two Stages. Technical & Non-Technical!

New to blockchain & advanced topics. Join us!

Buidl Stage

The ‘Buidl’ stage will focus on varies Blockchain technology workshops and talks. Ideal for developers and technology decision makers. Our 2nd “Industry” stage is designed for Blockchain professionals & learners.

  • Digital Identity
  • Multichain dApps and the Internet of Blockchains
  • Resilient Wallets & Security
  • DeFi- Decentralized Finance & Trading
  • Proof of Stake / Staking
  • Smart Contract Security
  • Privacy / VPNs
  • Enterpise Blockchain: Obstacles, Implementations & Use Cases. Public vs Private


Industry Stage

The industry stage is designed for more discussions and talks around the Blockchain implementations across industries & use cases. This is designed for Blockchain professionals & those learning about Blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain 101 & Resources
  • Building & Deploying your first dApp
  • Blockchain in Healthcare
  • Accelerating Blockchain Adoption: Don’t be afraid of enterprises and their scale
  • Entertainment & Music
  • Supply Chain & Social Impact
  • Blockchain Gaming, NFTs and Digital Assets
  • Marketing & Design Thinking for Mass Adoption

Participating Companies & Sponsors

Tom Lindeman

MythX / ConsenSys Diligence

Jeff Garzik


Danny Wolf


Chase Thompson


Chris Spanton


Cooper Kunz

Hedera Hashgraph

Amer Justice

Tezos Commons

Keisha DePaz

Emurgo / Cardano

Simon Yu

Storm token

Tegan Kline

Orchid Labs

Nate Whitehill


Kurt Wedgewood


Austin Davis

Fuzion Ventures & Blockchain Beach

Anisa Khoshbakhtian

Rabbit Hole Network

Drummond Reed


Brian Anderson 


Jan Young

Rabbit Hole Network

Zach Nelson

UW Blockchain Society



Mira Nugumanova


Rich Bloch

Suzanne Scharlock


Joe Roets


Douglas Horn


Han Kao

Crypto Briefing

Khoa Phan


James Mayo

8 Circuit Games

Nathan Leung

AltcoinBuzz Youtube

Jonathan G Blanco

TF Agency

Steve Floyd


Arry Yu


Kate Mitselmaker


Phil Ong


Roman Storm


Davis Aites

Change Healthcare

Vaughan Emery

DataFi Labs

David Hazel

Health Flow

Brendan Lee


Sam Desmond


Andrew Wagner

Frank Martinez


Tony Little

Optum 360

Karen Stone, MD


Anderson Nascimento, Ph.D

University of Washington / University of Brasilia

Matt Rogers

Blockchain Beach

Storm Token

LA Blockchain

Hosted at Global Innovation Exchange – GIX Steve Ballmer Campus

GIX is a new 100,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art building in Bellevue’s growing Spring District. As part of a 36-acre mixed-use development built around planned light rail, the GIX building, named in honor of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, is located 10 miles from the UW campus and offers proximity to multiple technology corridors. Designed specifically for the program, the building features design studios, an incubation space, electronics prototyping labs, presentation spaces and one of the largest and most comprehensively equipped makerspaces in the region.

What better place to create the future of decentralized applications & platforms? Join us at Seattle Devcon 2019.

12280 NE District Way, Bellevue, WA 98005


June 29th | Conference

We hosted the 1st Seattle blockchain conference – Blockchain NW

We hosted Seattle’s first Blockchain Conference in June 2018. Since then we host meetups regularly inviting many of Blockchain companies to come visit Seattle to share their knowledge and insight in the world of Blockchain & Crypto. We had speakers from Amazon, Bittrex, Caesars Entertainment, IBM, Hyperledger, MyCrypto and more. 

A community of creative minds that are excited about the idealism of decentralized Blockchain technology. Our team curates educational experiences, news media, blog articles, video and events for those that are interested in learning more about this widely evolving space. We welcome you to learn, explore and engage with other like-minded Blockchain enthusiasts. 


UW Blockchain Society

A tri-campus org. Composed of students from all three UW Campuses, the Blockchain Society at UW unites students with a common interest across the three campuses.

A tri-campus organization is a new breed for student clubs. Utilizing the resources and students across all three UW campuses we aim to revolutionize blockchain education.


CoinState is a Blockchain community & media team based in Seattle.  

CoinState launched BlockchainNW, the first Blockchain Conference in Seattle on June 2018.


Bloccelerate is a global accelerator and a fund focused on investing in blockchain companies all over the world. We bring together a decentralized community of advisors, mentors, and developers to facilitate the blockchain ecosystem. Seattle Based.

The Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole’s mission is to promote the participation and leadership of women in blockchain by training women as experts and partnering to build a robust, diverse community.

Join us at Seattle Devcon Today

We are committed that everyone participating in our events feel welcomed, and we have zero tolerance for any non-inclusionary behavior of any kind.